Natalie Atento, Nursery Attendant

My name is Natalie Atento, and I am so excited to join St. Paul’s as the Nursery Attendant. I love kids and can’t wait to get to know the precious children in your congregation. My passion for childcare has spanned many years, I’ve been a babysitter, a summer nanny, and I also was a volunteer nursery assistant at Port City Community Church for eight years. I am currently a Preschool Teacher for three-year-olds at Primrose School of Wilmington. For every child I’ve cared for, I have loved playing with them, creating activities and crafts for them, and providing the love and support they need to grow and have fun! In addition to being there for the kids, I love being able to help parents and families as they attend to their own spiritual and personal needs. My dad was a pastor for many years, so I grew up in the church and Sunday School, so I am so happy to share the love I have felt in church and all I learned with your children!