St. Paul’s Mailbag

We are celebrating St. Paul’s by telling your collective story.

Each week we are asking a faith related question, that we ask you to answer anonymously.  The stories will be told through our upcoming podcast “St. Paul’s Mailbag”.  Please take a few minutes and answer these questions to help tell the story Christ’s love.   Your story could comfort, support or motivate someone else.

Question for Week #1 – When or how did you realize God loves you?   Answer

Discussion of the responses (Part 1).

Discussion of Responses (Part 2)

Question for Week #2 –  How do you show your love for Jesus to others?  Answer


Question for Week #3 – What acts of kindness have you witnessed at St. Paul (big or small)?  Answer

Question for Week #4 – How has St. Paul’s helped you draw closer to Jesus?  Answer

We are looking forward to launching our Podcast “St. Paul’s Mailbag” later in October to tell everyone’s collective story!


Updated 11/17/2021