Nehemiah Team Recruiting Members

“The God of heaven Himself will prosper us: therefore we His servants will arise and build.” Neh. 2:20

In case you’ve forgotten the Nehemiah Team was authorized by the 2010 Council to compare our current and future building space needs to our existing space availability and utilization. The Team was asked to develop plans that “recycle” existing space as much as possible before suggesting additions. The Team was also asked to break down any suggested improvements into smaller projects as much as possible to help facilitate the ability to fund the projects. All recommendations must first be approved by Council and then by the Congregation. Lee Weddle was asked to be the Team Leader. And Louise Perkins is the Treasurer of the Capital Campaign Fund that was started in 2008 which is still collecting pledges and recent donations.


Lee Weddle is now recruiting team members to start the process. Lee expects the process to take close to a year before any specific recommendations are made. The Team is expected to grow over time as different skills are needed. For now Lee has requested volunteers for the following team positions:


These team members will have the job of working with the Team Leader, the Space Advocates and the Architect to develop a final space plan and design for presentation to Council and Congregation. Past planning experience would be helpful. Email capabilities and personal schedule flexibility would also be helpful.

Space Advocates

These team members act as advocates for the space needs of their respective areas of interest by advising and informing the Planners, Architect and Team Leader of those needs. OK for staff, individuals, groups, committees, etc to be a space advocate. Will require making presentations to Planners to make sure everyone understands the needs and priorities.

Information Coordinator

Assists Team Leader with keeping the Team Members, Council and Congregation informed about progress, need for more volunteers, upcoming meetings, etc. through emails, web site postings, bulletin inserts and etc. Personal computing, word processing, and email proficiency needed.

If you believe the Lord is calling you to serve in one of these capacities, please contact Lee Weddle, or let him know by submitting the Volunteer Information form which can be downloaded here:
Nehemiah Team Recruiting Members