The Bible Project


Bible Project

The Bible Project YouTube page creates free animated videos and resources about the books and themes in the bible.  Below are links to all 66 books of the bible from the Bible Project, in the order we will be journeying through the bible at St. Paul’s in 2023.

Each week we will be reading a few chapters from the Book of Psalms

Week of January 11     The Book of Luke  Chapters 1-9  Chapters 10-24

Week of January 18    The Book of Acts  Chapters 1-12  Chapters 13-28

Week of January 25    The Book of Genesis  Chapters 1-12  Chapters 13-50

Week of February 1  The Book of Philippians   The Book of 1 Thessalonians   The Book of Galatians   The Book of Philemon

Pastor Jonathan’s Notes on —  Paul   1 Thessalonians    Galatians    Philemon

Week of February 8    The Book of Exodus  Chapters 1-18  Chapter 19-40

Pastor Jonathan’s Notes on —  Exodus

Week of February 15   The Book of 1 Corinthians  The Book of 2 Corinthians

Pastor Jonathan’s Notes on — 1 Corinthians  2 Corinthians

Week of February 22  The Book of Leviticus

Pastor Jonathan’s Notes on — Leviticus

Week of March 1 The Book of Romans Chapters 1-4  Chapters 5-16

Week of March 8  The Book of Numbers

Pastor Jonathan’s Notes Numbers

Week of March 15  The Book of 2 Thessalonians  The Book of Ephesians  The Book of Colossians

Week of March 22 The Book of Deuteronomy

Week of March 29  The Book of 1 Timothy  The Book of 2 Timothy  The Book of Titus

Week of April 5  The Book of Joshua

Week of April 12 The Book of Hebrews

Week of April 19 The Book of Judges

Week of April 26 The Book of James

Week of May 3  The Book of Ruth

Week of May 10 The book of 1 Peter     The Book of 2 Peter

Week of May 17  The Book of 1 Samuel     The Book of 2 Samuel

Week of May 24 The Book of John  Chapters 1-12     Chapters 13-21

Week of May 31  The Books of 1 & 2 Kings

Week of June 7  The Books of 1, 2 & 3 John

Week of June 14  The Book of Revelation Part 1

Week of June 21 The Book of Revelation Part 2

Week of June 28  The Books of 1 & 2 Chronicles

Week of July 5  The Book of Ezra

Week of July 12  The Book of Nehemiah

Week of July 19  The Book of Esther

Week of July 26 The Book of Job

Week of August 2  The Book of Proverbs

Week of August 9  The Book of Ecclesiastes

Week of August 16  The Book of Song of Solomon

Week of August 23  The Book of Isiah  (1-39)    (40-66)

Week of August 30 The Book of  Matthew  (1-13)    (14-28)

More Books will be added soon.

(Updated 5.27.2023)