Sermons on “Worship”

Sermon for May 6, 2018: “Easy For You To Say!”

And Jesus says…commands us to follow his lead as well.
And to love.
Love God.
Love Jesus.
Love the Holy Spirit.
Love our family
Our friends
Our neighbors
And our enemies.
And that last command is really hard
But it is necessary if we are to be true Christians.

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Sermon for March 4, 2018: “Covenant: The Because/Therefore Life”

God does expect us to honor these commandments.
And try our best to live them out in our lives.
Even when we will fall short, and sin, that does not mean we stop.
I mentioned the importance of Confession and Forgiveness in our worship service.
And I want you to think of the Confession as the moment we fail.
Where we go against God’s law.
But then comes the Forgiveness: the “Let’s do it again.”

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